This was my latest art project for my advanced drawing class.  I’ve been busy with it, which explains why I haven’t been posting anything else on here.  It was an unmonumental project.  I’ll post a couple links that explain what I was supposed to be doing.  These aren’t all the pictures or the final project.  I’ll post the rest of the pictures in the next post.  Basically, the assignment was to take a famous piece of art—a painting, drawing, sculpture, or even advertisement, and translate it into a contemporary issue.  I did “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.  He painted “The Scream” because he was walking home one day, feeling sick and tired, and he saw the sunset.  The red in the sky reminded him of blood and he said he could almost hear the screams from the sky.  I wanted to do something that makes you scream in today’s age, so I chose plastic surgery.  The point of unmonumental art is to comment on how we, as a society, make our own problems, and to use unconventional art materials to demonstrate those problems.  I used fake blood, a syringe, and an adhesive bra (which, admittedly, is a lot like chicken cutlets…disgusting).  I injected the fake blood into the bra, and this was the result.